UNESCO 2015 Year of Light Lecture on
Light, Man and Cosmos
23 March 2015; 14:00 -16:00

Senate Congress Hall | Girne American University
Girne, Cyprus
Professor Ibrahim Semiz (Bogazici University, Turkey), and Professor Sadik Ulker (Girne American University, Cyprus), will discuss the prominence of light and light-based technologies in shaping technological advances and in exploration of outer space. This event will be in English.

The event will be held as part of the UNESCO's global 2015 "Year of Light" Celebrations, commemorating the 150th anniversary of James Clerk Maxwell's classical theory of Electrodynamics, 100th anniversary of Einstein's Theory of Relativity, and 50th anniversary of the Cosmic microwave background radiation. During the course of 2015, the importance of light and light-based technologies will be emphasized as the essence of life as well as for the pursuit of science and arts.

Free admission for students and general public, but the capacity is limited. Please reserve your seat by emailing: yearoflight@gau.edu.tr

For more information about the UNESCO 2015 Year of Light, please visit: www.light2015.org

Suggested hashtag for Twitter users is: #GAULight
Event Speakers:
Professor Ibrahi​m Semiz, Associate Professor of Physics | Bogazici University
Professor Ibrahim Semiz is an Associate Professor of Physics at the Bogazici University (TR) where he has been teaching for 18 years. His research interests include General Relativity and Gravitation, with a special focus on Black Holes and Cosmology. Professor Semiz holds a BS from Bogazici University and a PhD in Physics and Astronomy from Yale University (USA). He completed his Post-doc at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA). He is the author of the Turkish book “Relativity in 50 Questions” (“50 Soruda Görelilik”) which is written to appeal for general audience. He is an avid Science Fiction fan and enjoys photography.

​Professor Sadik Ulker, Acting Rector & ​Professor of Electrical Engineering | Girne American University
Professor Sadik Ulker is the Acting Rector of the Girne American University (CY) and a Professor at the Engineering Faculty. His research interests include application of microwaves, artificial intelligence applications to microwave circuits and high-frequency sources. Professor Ulker is a University of Virginia (USA) alum, where he completed his ​BS, ME, and ​PhD in Electrical Engineering. He actively publishes technical publications in the areas of submilimete wavelength measurements and particle swarm optimisation technique. ​He is a keen Playstation player, and enjoys fishing.​